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About the Classes

I teach lots of different types of classes, and styles of Yoga. To help you choose the class and style

right for you I've included a brief description of each class below...


Hatha / Gentle Flow

Hatha Yoga classes use the breath to create a link between the body and the mind. Hatha classes build flexibility and strength while minimising the chance of injury. This well-rounded style balances and opens the body. You will learn to still the mind and be present in the moment.

Yoga Mat

Vinyasa Yoga connects one posture to the next using the breath.  This can be thought of as linking or flowing into postures which is sometimes why it’s called “Flow Yoga”.  The opposite of this would be an alignment based class where students engage with a posture, explore it for a period of time and then “break the posture” by coming out.

Vinyasa Mix Flow

Core Flow

A challenging Vinyasa class that blends core strengthening exercises and Yoga. This core focused flow class is an opportunity to build strength in a yoga setting. Core flow is a great class to assist in building the strength required for the progression of your more advanced Vinyasa practice.

Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga may reduce stress levels and improve sleep patterns during pregnancy. It may also alleviate physical discomfort such as nausea, headaches and lower back pain. Another benefit typically associated with this type of yoga is the way in which the breathing techniques and state of self-awareness learned can help during delivery. A Prenatal Yoga class will typically include deep breathing, gentle stretching and suitable postures, with props often used.

Chair Yoga

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Yoga has been shown to improve overall health when practiced regularly. As with many forms of exercise, it can be modified for people of varying abilities. Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. It is beneficial for people with limited mobility and for those who want to practice yoga at their workplace. The benefits of practicing these chair yoga poses (called asanas) include: 

  • Improved flexibility. Flexibility allows us to do the activities we need and love to do, from twisting while driving to bending over to play with children.

  • Better concentration. Incorporating breath work with the poses can help clear your brain of unwanted thoughts, improve mood and decrease stress.

  • Increased strength. Body strength enables us to withstand falls and injury and helps us with balance.

  • Reduced joint strain. Chair yoga reduces the strain on joints and muscles, which allows someone who is unable to stand for traditional yoga an opportunity to practice too.

  • Portability and convenience. You can do chair Yoga nearly anywhere you can find a place to sit.

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Yoga Equipment


Ashtanga Yoga students are expected to memorise a sequence and to practice in the same room as others without being led by the teacher. The role of the teacher is to guide as well as provide adjustments or assist in postures.

Pilates Stretches
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