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Masterclass Trio Workshop

Online X3 Instructors , X3 teaching styles on May 30th @ 3pm ! Each teacher will deliver a 33minute segment straight to your living room (or garden if the sun is out) !


What better way to support each other and bring a bit of online fun and something unique to your life than a hybrid mix of Suzanne, Judit and Lynsey in the one Masterclass!


Here is a description of what we have in store..


Our Masterclass Trio will begin with a 33min segment led by Suzanne Kenny owner of Yoga4all.


After an initial warmup and loosening sequence , this part of the masterclass will focus on combating problems arising from the situation of prolonged sitting , running/walking/workouts , emotional stress etc in the lower body.


The human body was meant to be active and moving to enhance circulation, mobility and prevent defects and stagnation of the vital energy. In today’s society we spend a lot of time sitting or with restrictive repetitive movements which result in numerous problems such as: hip, back, knees, shoulders and digestive and other internal problems.


Long periods of sitting result in consistent compression of the hip flexors, the muscles that join your abdomen and legs. This results in the shortening of the hip flexors which adjust the position or tilt the pelvis. This in turn upsets the muscles and structures above and below the hips, often resulting in knee and back pain due to tension in the hips and lower body.


Using Yoga, Mobility and Barre techniques, we will focus on getting our lower body moving efficiently but in a fun and engaging way 😄


Our second segment will be led by our Hungarian yogi babe Judit Gazdacska one of Yoga4alls regular guest instructors.


Upper body + Core Yoga flow


Yoga requires you to support your own body weight in different poses. In particular, many poses rely on the strength of your arms and shoulders. Many poses that do require arm strength also rely on a variety of your arm and shoulder muscles, making yoga a great exercise to tone your upper body.


In this part of our Masterclass Trio we will focus on upper body and core strengthening.

Your abs and back muscles working together to stabilize your torso during movement: that's your core. ...


When these four layers of abs are braced together, working in tandem with muscles that line your spine, you have an engaged core.


Last but by no means least is our other little singing pocket rocket Lynsey Smith who will lead the final segment of the class. Lynsey teaches every Saturday in Yoga4all And hosts regular 'Slow Down Sunday' sessions. Lynsey will bring you through a series of  gentle stretches to unwind and loosen out any tight muscles setting up for a deep guided relaxation.


Slow stretching encourages the release of endorphins, providing a sense of tranquillity and euphoria.

Relaxation slows our heart rate, reduces our blood pressure and relieves tension.

Helping us feel calmer in body and mind.


This Workshop is suitable for all.


Cost is 15euro and booking is via PayPal

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